The benefits of a baking activity with children

Les avantages d'une activité pâtisserie avec les enfants

Baking can be a very enjoyable activity for children, as it allows them to have fun and let their creativity run wild. Yes, our children know how to be overflowingly creative!

It is undeniable that pastry has been very popular in recent years, thanks in particular to the influence of many cooking blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to pastry. Many parents are thus tempted to embark on baking with their children, to offer them a fun and creative activity to do together.


How to explain the enthusiasm of parents for baking with their children?

Pastry is a fun and creative activity for kids. They can have fun mixing ingredients, choosing recipes and decorating their creations. It allows them to spend time together while having fun and giving free rein to their imagination.

Pastry can be great learning opportunity for kids. They can learn to measure, count, read and follow instructions. They can also discover new flavors and learn how to cook in a healthy way.

Baking can be a way of build children's self-confidence and self-esteem. By managing to make beautiful and delicious pastries, they can feel proud of their achievements and their ability to create something with their own hands.

In summary, baking is a fun, creative and educational activity for children, which can bring them many personal and social benefits. So, you might as well combine the useful to the pleasant!


What are the children's favorite cakes?

There are many cakes kids can enjoy making at home. Here are some examples of cakes that are simple to make and popular with children:


Muffins are easy-to-make cakes that are very popular with children. You can use a muffin batter base and add ingredients of your choice, such as fruits, nuts, chocolates, etc.

Yogurt cakes

Yogurt cakes are also very easy to make and very popular with French children. All you need is a pot of yogurt, baking powder and flour to make this recipe.


Crêpes are another easy recipe that kids love. You can teach them how to make crêpe batter and garnish them in different ways, such as with jam, whipped cream, fruit, etc.


Cookies are extremely popular with children. You can teach them how to make cookie dough and shape it into hearts, stars, etc. before baking them.


Cupcakes are individual cakes very popular with children. You can teach them how to make cupcake batter and garnish it in different ways, such as whipped cream, fruit, nuts, etc.

These cakes are quite simple to make and classics in baking. But teaching them how to make a little more elaborate cakes can be even more educational and challenging for them. Solutions have been created to support parents who do not have time to prepare activities with their children in advance or who do not consider themselves pastry pros: full kits with everything you need inside.


Pastry kits, a practical solution for parents and fun for children

Baking kits are boxes containing all the ingredients and utensils needed to make one or more baking recipes. These boxes are delivered regularly, usually monthly, to the subscriber's address.

Subscribing to pastry boxes is for those who love to savor pastries and want to learn to do them, without too much difficulty. They allow you to receive all the ingredients necessary to make the recipe, as well as detailed explanations for making it.

There are many subscription pastry boxes offering recipes for all levels, from beginners to experienced pastry chefs. Some boxes also offer themes or seasons, such as Christmas or Easter pastry boxes.

Subscription baking kits can be a fun and beneficial activity for kids that requires little to no upfront preparation on your part. Here are some advantages of these kits:

Learning new cooking skills

Subscription baking kits allow children to discover new baking recipes and techniques, which can be very rewarding.

Development of creativity

By making pastry recipes, children can give free rein to their creativity by decorating their creations according to their tastes.

Learning patience and precision

Baking requires following precise steps and proportions, which can be a good opportunity for children to develop their ability to be patient and work methodically.

Moment of sharing with family

Subscription baking kits can be a fun and family-friendly activity, whether it's preparing snacks or desserts for meals.

Encouragement to discover new flavors

By making new baking recipes, kids can experience new flavors and ingredients, which can inspire them to be more curious and open-minded about their food.

Subscription pastry kits can therefore be an original and practical idea for learning about pastry or for having fun by regularly making new recipes. But be careful, don't forget to choose a kit adapted to the level and tastes of your child so that he can make the most of this activity!

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