Two Gemini sisters but not Twins!

Hey! We are Mithula and Niroshy and we are two French sisters of Sri Lankan origin. We fell into the world of pastry very early on because throughout our childhood, we had the chance to taste delicious pastries made by our father : a cook! As we grew up, we became true tasting specialists but not experts in making them. So we stopped doing it.

But like many French people during the first Covid-19 lockdown, we got our hands dirty to try to reproduce the cakes from our childhood. But we quickly faced various obstacles: finding the right recipe, having the right equipment, buying the right ingredients… and even with all that, we missed our cakes without understanding why!

In the face of these obstacles, we thought it would be easier to simply have a box that contained everything we needed. That's where Cake Master was born: a simple and super well-crafted pastry kit for good or bad pastry chefs, for little chefs and big gourmets.