Easy lemon meringue pie

Tarte citron meringuée facile et inratable

Have you ever wanted to start baking a cake on a Sunday afternoon when you didn't know what to do?

Problem: you don't have all the ingredients and the stores are closed. And then we know you, if you're not very good at baking, your motivation will quickly drop. So know that we may have the solution for you to spend an hour of your Sunday baking without racking your brains while challenging yourself... :)

To combine acidity and lightness, we created a pastry kit to simply make a great pastry classic: the lemon meringue pie. This kit is created in collaboration with the Carrés Futés brand, which adds a touch of tangerine to the recipe.

But what is Carrés Futés? These are tablets that look like chocolate bars but are not! These 100% natural tablets are composed of fruit and vegetable concentrates, and a little cocoa butter to give them their square shape. With these squares, you can cook everything. There is something for every taste and they bring flavor to your pastries!

Initially, these tablets were not destined for such a future. They were born under the initiative of a student project to win an agri-food innovation competition. And the small veggie squares did win the first prize in a national and European competition. It was then that Camille, one of the students, saw the potential of these tablets and decided to make the project a reality by creating the Carrés Futés brand with Maxime.

Carrés Futés now offers 3 fruit bars to make many quick and easy recipes...a bit like Cake Master. The plus of these squares is that the products are designed to take care of your health and the planet. All tablets are made in France, without additives, without preservatives and all packaging is eco-responsible.

With the fruit bars you can even make cakes! That's why we created a lemon meringue pie recipe using their Lemon-Mandarin fruit bar. It's a recipe that is basically a bit technical but we simplified it and made it more fun, as usual :)

Everything is in our kit: the dry ingredients already dosed, the appropriate utensils (circle, roller, shower, pastry bag), and as always we accompany you step by step with a video tutorial and a recipe sheet so that everything is more playful.


Why this collaboration?

Lemon Tangerine Smart Squares - collaboration Cake Master

We had already offered these little tablets for our Charlotte Mangue Passion kit (still available on our website). And it was a wild success! So, we decided to offer a new recipe with new flavors. A new fruity recipe, classic but slightly revisited.

The innovative squares of Carrés Futés have the mission to make cooking easier, more fun and tastier with 100% plant-based ingredients. At Cake Master, we want to make baking accessible to everyone by offering full kits with professional quality products.

Together we therefore decided to shake up the codes of pastry by offering a full kit to make a fruity dessert without buying any fruit. We revisited the original recipe a bit by adding a little touch of tangerine, and we simplified it so that it is not too technical for you. But all the steps are there: shortcrust pastry, lemon cream and French meringue.

This collaboration is also an opportunity for us to show you how to consume better. With this kit, you consume in a more sustainable way because all the packaging is eco-responsible and there is no waste of ingredients. But above all, you consume 100% French!

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